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Modern science has established the benefits of medical marijuana. It is an extremely effective method of pain relief. It is safer and less addictive than morphine, and is also completely natural. Though it is now possible to run a legal MMJ dispensary, medical marijuana still faces a number of legal hurdles to its widespread use.


Marijuana itself is derived from cannabis, a widespread plant that people have long used as a source of medicine. Cannabis comes in several different varieties, such as sativa and indica. Unfortunately, its use as a recreational drug resulted in social panic and a series of smear campaigns that resulted in a long period of prohibition.


At long last, this is starting to change. Those suffering from serious and painful illnesses like Crohn’s disease, types of cancer, and ALS, can all benefit from using medical cannabis to ease the pain. However, purchasing and selling this medicine requires one to have an MMJ license. To get a license, a person has to go through a set of MMJ evaluations. Periodic MMJ renewals will also be necessary.

Those who are looking for a legal source of medical marijuana, and a place that will help them obtain or renew a license, should contact us at Green Star Doctors in Scottsdale, AZ.


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